AA My Squares

My squares is a series of squares in several sizes,10x10cm,15x15cm,20x20cm and 30x30cm
Acrylic paint with oilpastel,pencil,marker,gesso and ink on 300gr watercolorpaper...

IMGP7394 IMGP7395m IMGP75024 IMG_0003j IMG_0004k IMGP7399 IMGP7400 IMGP7401m IMGP7402m IMGP7451 IMGP7452e IMGP7454e IMGP7453e IMGP7457e IMGP74471 IMGP7458e IMGP7459e IMGP7461e IMGP7460e IMGP740456r IMG_0005l IMG_0011 IMGP7462e IMGP7463e IMGP7464e IMGP7465e IMGP7466e IMGP7485 IMGP7494 IMGP7487 IMGP7498 - Copie4 IMGP74102 IMGP74332 IMGP74471 IMG_0020f IMG_0021g IMG_0023g IMG_0026d IMG_0024j IMG_0055r IMG_0046p IMG_0056k IMG_0068r IMG_0060h IMG_0057 IMGP74985 IMG_0018 r IMG_0174m IMG_0171m IMG_0170c IMG_0168m IMG_0167 IMG_0109k IMG_0103ll IMG_0102p IMG_0099m IMG_0101m IMG_0187i IMG_0189m IMG_0205op IMG_0247o IMG_0248v IMG_0249k IMG_0252p IMG_0260m IMG_0262m IMG_0272y IMG_0263o IMG_0255m IMG_0248v IMG_0393u IMG_0396m IMG_0395y IMG_0405g IMG_0406m Ribbet collagepppp IMG_0413m IMG_0415o IMG_0578m IMG_0627l IMG_0633_picnik IMG_0617_picnik IMG_0718_picnik IMG_0719 IMG_0712g IMG_0713j