AAA 2014 Works on board

New series of acrylic paintings with oil pastels,pencils,marker,gesso on board or canvas of various sizes

IMG_0503nk IMG_0554mp IMG_05625 IMG_05815 IMG_0574m IMG_0504mp IMG_0595o IMG_0599ld IMG_0607u IMG_0616o IMG_0615p IMG_0619p IMG_0624k IMG_0629i IMG_0632u IMG_0643y IMG_0647o IMG_0655b IMG_0653m IMG_0657k IMG_0667p IMG_0682k IMG_0668h IMG_0688j IMG_0689u IMG_0724t IMG_0717o IMG_0725f IMG_0618mp IMG_0596m IMG_0471 IMG_0520 IMG_0674k IMG_0713j IMG_0712b IMG_0731t IMG_0739mp IMG_0746u IMG_0743y IMG_0794m IMG_0792p IMG_0796y IMG_0802b IMG_0810p IMG_0809m IMG_0819 IMG_0823o IMG_0847kk IMG_0844n IMG_0859nn IMG_0856n IMG_0857gk IMG_0866p IMG_0871j Ribbet collagebb IMG_1155p IMG_1157l IMG_1199o IMG_1211l IMG_1233h Ribbet collagerrr IMG_1401o IMG_1423n IMG_1427y Ribbet collageggg IMG_1206o IMG_1412_picnik Ribbet collage22221 Ribbet collagennnn IMG_1174m IMG_1429j IMG_1435k IMG_1440u IMG_1448f IMG_1477i IMG_1486g j IMG_1492y IMG_1511t IMG_1515k IMG_1517j IMG_1518o Ribbet collageyyyy Ribbet collageffffg Ribbet collagexxxs8 Ribbet collagexxxs52 IMG_1641j IMG_1646m IMG_1648o IMG_1650i IMG_1669p IMG_1693g IMG_1695g Titleacrylic,oilpastels,pencils,marker,gesso on papersize 25x25cm Ribbet collage5847 IMG_1705k IMG_1708tn IMG_1709gg IMG_1713g IMG_1715r IMG_1724i IMG_1725b IMG_1730r IMG_1788h IMG_1738o IMG_1711g IMG_1741s Ribbet collagecccdd Ribbet collagememem Ribbet collagehhhh Ribbet collage2222 Ribbet collage2255 IMG_1832z IMG_1833l IMG_1839i IMG_1850t IMG_1853m IMG_1864f IMG_1870v IMG_1873s IMG_1876y Ribbet collage2t2t2 IMG_1818j Ribbet collagertyu IMGP7888t Ribbet collagertet IMG_1910t IMG_1907rm IMG_1914t IMG_1920x IMG_1927v IMG_1940o IMG_1931o IMG_1964B Ribbet collage1313 IMG_1987mk IMG_1989e IMG_1949 IMG_1996j IMG_2003t IMG_2006p IMG_2007mm IMG_2045p IMG_2044e Ribbet collage1b1b1 IMG_2048h IMG_2052y IMG_2062m IMG_2065m IMG_2101t Ribbet collagelllo IMG_2100b IMG_2128k IMG_2137l IMG_2131mm IMG_2129l IMG_2131mm Ribbet collage444 IMG_2139d IMG_2140o IMG_2143k IMG_2149e IMG_2144e IMG_2192j IMG_2193y IMG_2194k IMG_2200p IMG_2199b IMG_2212ry IMG_2201nn IMG_2218z IMG_2220r IMG_2235k1 IMG_2245f IMG_2288u IMG_2312e IMG_2306u IMG_2296k IMG_2301i IMG_2298y IMG_2304p IMG_2314k IMG_2356l Ribbet collagevvvbbb